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Project the Saudi Arabia

BPLAN panels can be applied anywhere in the world and in different contexts, in the same project, given the properties of its materials, the quality of the production processes and finishes. In Saudi Arabia, Bplan panels were aplied in the same project, from the outside , to the inside, with panels of great formal richness, in an extremely elegant gold color, giving dynamism and versatility to a building of great conceptual robustness.

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March 2020

Project the house Barcelos

Bplan in partnership with Architect Miguel Sá, found the solution for this house in Barcelos in terms of sun exposure and interior heating through a system of articulated panels in folding doors, allowing an optimization in the thermal performance of the building, in a versatile solution that allows the management of the light entrance.
The canopy reinforces the thermal improvement of the articulated panels, as well indicates the doors, making it more comfortable.

February 2020

Project the "Casa do Parque"

The "Casa do Parque" was the motto for the concept of the project, whose façade, developed by BPLAN, constitutes the reflection of the park, being a reinterpretation of the surrounding nature, in a gesture of contemporaneity.
The identity of the façade combines its versatility, due to the use of housing, allowing different levels of privacy and light, conferring a certain dynamism, depending on the use, becoming a "living" and "organic" façade.

February 2020
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